Using Named Subdomains

Named subdomains are cloned in the Gateway, and are thereby backed up.

To use named subdomains, you first need an account. (If your Gateway is self-hosted, you can get started with the root account, which was created when the Gateway was first deployed.)

creating a named domain

A new domain can be created with:

PUT≪account name≫/≪subdomain≫
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Basic ≪base64(≪account name≫:≪account key≫)≫

This creates the domain ≪subdomain≫ in the account, if it does not already exist. Domain names must be composed only of lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens - and underscores _.

The body of the response will contain the configuration to be used in a new m-ld clone to connect to the domain, with placeholders for required secrets.

Once created, you can clone the subdomain.